From Farm to Table

At David Evans Foods, we are 100% committed to authentically sourcing the finest ingredients to create consistently high-quality products for the overall satisfaction of our customers. In order to create premium products, we must first begin with premium fruit. For over ninety years, we have acquired our fruit directly from dependable and reliable farms around the world. We place incredible value on our long-standing partnerships with farmers in places such as Michigan, Oregon, Costa Rica and Madagascar to create products in which we can be undeniably confident. It is our ultimate goal to put the most outstanding products onto the kitchen table to enrich the lives of our customers through deliciously flavorful food.

Overarching Transparency

We not only recognize the worth of partnering with different farms for fresh, premium fruit, but we also realize that transparency is essential in fostering and building trust with our customers. We are devoted to ensuring our product labels are accurate and factual because we refuse to compromise the integrity of our company for our own personal gain. From the first stage to the final product, we, at David Evans Foods, are transparent in all we do. Additionally, we offer glass bottle and jar packaging so consumers never have to wonder what’s inside and can be assured that what they’re investing into is precisely what they are getting.

Ingredients From Around the World

Just a few of the locations David Evans Foods sources from.

Maine Wild Blueberries - Authentic Sourcing - David Evans Foods
Maine Wild Blueberries
Costa Rica Pineapples - Authentic Sourcing - David Evans Foods
Costa Rica Pineapples
Michigan Dark Sweet Cherries - Authentic Sourcing - David Evans Foods
Michigan Dark Sweet Cherries

Real Fruit with Real Benefits

The predominant differentiator between Davids Evans Foods and competing speciality food brands is our unique ability to use real quality fruit in each of our formulas. Whether in our delicious preserves, our delightful bakery filings or even our flavorful marinades, we are committed to upholding our promises to use fresh fruit that is authentically sourced in each of our products. By securing real quality fruit directly from farms throughout domestic and international farming regions, we are able to create consistently high-end fruit products which will, without a doubt, satisfy the taste buds of consumers. Enjoy real fruit pieces, real fruit texture and real fruit taste with David Evans Foods.

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