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Unique, New, Fresh

At David Evans Foods, we guarantee high-quality specialty food products made with authentic, premium ingredients for extraordinary taste. In order to achieve that incredible, full flavor, we go directly to the source of the ingredients – the farm. We believe customers deserve the best, down to every detail of our products. Thus, our development begins with sourcing the finest ingredients from various farming regions around the world. Whether the cherries of Michigan or the vanilla beans of Madagascar, we intentionally seek out and invest in the freshest fruit to use in each of our products for exceptional delivery and ultimate customer satisfaction.

We are confident in our product development because our brilliant research and development team continues to perfect our process through intensive consumer studies. With the unique ability to conduct concept testing with shoppers for immediate and honest feedback, we can immediately integrate consumer response into our process for a better outcome. Additionally, we continue to pursue and embrace forward thinking trends to adapt our product offerings to the industry’s constant evolvement. We have refined our production to capture real, fresh taste and deliver the same level of quality every single time, regardless of batch size.

Product Development - David Evans Foods

Custom Formulation

With creative and scientific expertise, we have carefully fine-tuned our ability to create custom formulations with thousands of recipe options dependent upon the specific needs of our customers. Our outstanding research and development team embraces trend-forward thinking, challenging the expectations and stereotypes of the food industry to produce extraordinary products. Additionally, with innovative and flexible strategies and through our perfected ingredient combinations, we are capable of delivering exactly what our consumer envisions.

Product Development - David Evans Foods

Consumer Research

Our consumer research is imperative to the ongoing operation of our brand. At the root of all we do is our customer satisfaction. In order to obtain the most tangible data, we go directly to the source – the consumer. Through real concept testing, we have the capabilities of paneling our broad customer base for direct, accurate feedback which will assist us in our continued improvement. From bench sample to test batch to retail, we have an impressively quick turnaround to prevent wasted time and resources.

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