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Sauces & Marinades

Sauces - Private Label - David Evans Foods


With an incredible variety of blends and thousands of unique recipe options, we pack maximum flavor into each of our sauces. Whether sweet or spicy or a mix of both, these sauces enhance a number of different dishes with an impeccably tasty spin. Use to baste chicken, marinate red meats or sautee with seafood for a deliciously bold meal.

With such an expansive ingredient range and with countless combinations, our private label sauces offer unique culinary creations. Always made with the highest quality ingredients, we are committed to formulating kosher sauces free from additives. Similar to our other products, we offer organic and non-GMO capabilities and package our sauces in glass bottles for optimum transparency, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Marinades - Private Label - David Evans Foods


With an impressive scope of flavor, we always make it our goal to maintain a premier level of quality in the production of our marinades. We provide our customers the opportunity to combine countless ingredient options to meet their specific culinary needs for full customizable development. Additionally, we provide a wide range of product packaging including drums, flexible pouches, glass bottles or jars, PET and more.

Whether to enhance an entree with sweetness or counter it with savor and spice, we can create a marinade to complement any dish. In addition to our authentic ingredient sourcing, we also ensure our products are kosher. With organic and non-GMO capabilities, we package our private label marinades in glass bottles to secure transparency for the consumer’s benefit.  

David Evans Foods - Sauce and Marinades - Private Label

From Farm to Table

We believe in sourcing the finest ingredients to provide our customers with the highest quality products. At David Evans Foods, we value transparency and are committed to upholding our promise to deliver exactly what we claim on our labels. From our sauces to our marinades, we source each ingredient from our domestic and international farming partners to ensure each product is premium quality for a matchless guarantee.


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