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Premium Preserves & Spreads

Preserves - David Evans Foods


The quintessential addition to any baked good or dairy product, our preserves prioritize optimal flavor without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients. David Evans Foods is a rare exception in the industry because we ensure that the fruit always comes first. With real, fresh pieces in every bite, these premium preserves are crafted with the perfect combination of authentically-sourced, natural ingredients, and pure cane sugar to enhance the real taste of fruit.

Spread onto a warm, homemade biscuit or use to top savory meat for an unexpected yet delectable contrast. Additionally, our preserves are OU Kosher and always formulated with cane sugar to ensure clean label manufacturing. With impressive and consistent production capability, we offer organic and non-GMO options, and always package our preserves in timeless glass jars with a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid.

Fruit Spreads - David Evans Foods

Fruit Spreads

At David Evans Foods, our fruit spreads truly capture the natural essence of fruit in its purest spreadable form with limited sugar to maintain the authentic fruit flavor. Light yet delightfully satisfying, our spreads are ideal when incorporated into donuts, cakes or rolls for a delicious, naturally sweet touch.

Our delicious fruit spreads are always kosher. They’re never formulated with high fructose corn syrup, which ensures clean label manufacturing. Additionally, with impressive and consistent production capability, we always offer organic and non-GMO options, canned in timeless glass jars with a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid.

Fruit Butters - David Evans Foods

Fruit Butters

Enjoy the same quality with our fruit butters as with our preserves, but with less added sugar. These fruit butters retain the authenticity of the original fruit, providing dense flavor with a smooth texture. Spread on toast or an English muffin for a lower calorie, yet tasty breakfast alternative.

Always made with real cane sugar and never with preservatives, these fruits butters are kosher with organic and non-GMO capabilities. And, like our other products, our fruit butters are packaged in timeless glass jars with a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid. 

Conserves - David Evans Foods


Prepared with high-quality fruit and a small ration of pure cane sugar, our conserves cater a burst of flavor with every spoonful. With unique flavor combinations, we prepare our conserves by mixing a variety of blended fruits with a limited amount of pure cane sugar for extraordinary taste. Enriched with natural sweetness and tang, these conserves make for an excellent, lower calorie, fruity spread for toast or muffins.

Add a sweet conserve to a savory stew for a complimentary contrast in flavor, or pair one with a soft cheese to top crackers for an appetizing snack. Our conserves are always Kosher with additional organic and non-GMO capabilities. Additionally, they’re canned in time-honored glass jars with a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid option.

Authentic Sourcing

Farm to Table

Above all else, we value our customer satisfaction and believe that sourcing the highest quality ingredients will ensure ultimate product enjoyment. We source our fruit from farms all around the world for the most authentic ingredients. This means that we deliver exactly what we print on our labels. From the apricots of California to the vanilla of Madagascar, we are committed to producing naturally flavored fruit products from scratch.


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