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Pie & Tart Fillings

Pie Fillings - David Evans Foods

Pie Fillings

Our pie fillings are loaded with high-quality, natural fruit flavor in every jar. With real pieces of authentically-sourced fruit, our premium pie fillings are the perfect choice for your dessert needs. Our ability and dedication to create bake stable pie fillings contribute greatly to our success and overall customer satisfaction.

These kosher pie fillings offer a variety of options, filled with Michigan cherries or California peaches, for full flavor and natural sweetness. With organic and non-GMO capabilities, our delicious pie fillings are always made without preservatives and with pure cane sugar. And for ultimate transparency with our customers, we can our pie fillings in time-honored glass jars with a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid.

Tart Fillings - David Evans Foods

Tart Fillings

David Evans Foods’ tart fillings offer the same delicious fruit flavor as its pie fillings, but with a creamier and smoother consistency. Enjoy the vibrant taste and rich flavor of natural fruit combined with real cane sugar in tart form. The silky texture of the tart fillings is incomparable and makes for a perfect summer dessert.

With exclusive bake stable capabilities and limited allergens, David Evans Foods is distinctively able to create its lemon tart fillings without the inclusion of egg, or the addition of preservatives. These scrumptious tart fillings are OU Kosher and can be formulated organically and without GMOs. These tart fillings are always canned in glass jars with the option of a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid for clear visibility and full transparency.

David Evans Foods - Pie & Tart Fillings

Farm to Table

In order to provide customers with premium pie fillings, we always source our fruit from the farm. At David Evans Foods, we value our long-standing relationships with various farmers throughout the world in order to deliver high-quality products directly into the hands of our customers for ultimate satisfaction. Whether the cherries of Michigan or the raspberries of Oregon, we refuse to compromise the quality of our ingredients and promise to deliver the freshest fruit available.


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