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Dessert Toppings

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Dessert Toppings

In addition to our delicious fruit blends, we also include two notable ingredients in our dessert topping line, chocolate, and caramel. We have artfully crafted decadent ice cream and other dessert topping recipes, pairing our rich chocolate with our fresh fruit formulations, for unbeatable sweetness.

These heavenly, custom dessert toppings never disappoint and seamlessly complement a handful of desserts for any every occasion. Made with our small batch, from scratch signature dark chocolate in combination with our fruit sourced directly from the farm, these high-end toppings take any dessert to the next level.

With the capability of formulating our chocolate without high fructose corn syrup, we consistently create unique, high-quality blends of flavor. The clean label manufactured toppings are always kosher, with the option to be made organically and without GMOs. Our custom dessert toppings are visually recognizable for our glass jar packaging, with the option of a deep-skirt or traditional canning lid.

Mixed with other fine ingredients, these toppings pair beautifully with a wide range of desserts. Spoon over a favorite yogurt or ice cream flavor for a delectable, sweet treat, gently fold into cheesecake for a twist on the classic recipe, or spread on top of warm, homemade brownies for intensified chocolate flavor.

David Evans Foods - Dessert Toppings

Authentic Sourcing

As with any of our products, quality is of utmost importance to ensure the gratification of the customer. We are determined to source the finest ingredients for high-quality products on any production scale, from small to large batches. What you see on the label is exactly what you get. With David Evans Foods’ toppings, there are no shortcuts, only rich flavor for the most heavenly desserts.


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