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Preserve Fresh Flavor

With over ninety years of experience in the food industry, producing various high-quality fruit products, we have mastered the art of pectin. Our team at David Evans Foods has formulated the most consistent gel through trial and careful refinement that can be added to any of our product offerings. We have the ability to produce different consistencies based upon the final desired texture of the fruit product. Whether you are looking for a firm gel you can cut through, or a spreadable, spoonable gel, we have the expertise to provide you with what you need across multiple applications. Additionally, we have fine-tuned our bake stable technique for fillings, a quality that sets our brand apart from competitors. We are proud of our labor and the intensive research such an ingredient has required of us because we always aim to deliver the best to our customers.

Trusted Consistency - Pectin Experts - David Evans Foods

Trusted Consistency

At David Evans Foods, we believe consistency is essential in every aspect of our brand, from the success of our products to the satisfaction of our customers. This valued consistency is evidenced in our pectin, a formulation perfected through rigorous trial and research over the course of ninety years. Our gel is sustainable through every stage of the process, from production to transportation, to ensure the final product meets customer expectations.

Dependable Quality - Pectin Experts - David Evans Foods

Dependable Quality

Just as our Grade A fruit is authentically-sourced from superior farming regions across the globe, so is our pectin. The gel we use in our product offerings originates from sources that have been vetted and validated over decades of use because we believe in maintaining a matchless level of quality and a product in which our consumers can be confident. Our products are formulated with premium ingredients and high-quality pectin for naturally-enhanced, delicious flavor and consistency. This very standard we set for ourselves as a brand is the reason some of the biggest brands, from retailers to manufacturers, continue to trust our name and our products.

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