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A Comprehensive Team

Our award-winning research and development team gives us both credibility and advantage in a competitive industry. With great precision and attention to detail, and through a combination of science and culinary creativity, we have discovered and developed a matchless team of innovators who strive to take our brand to the next level. We are driven to learn as we evolve and grow, constantly seeking to make our products better each time. And with an exceptional team of brilliant food scientists and highly experienced chefs, we are not only capable of meeting the standards and expectations placed upon us, but also of rising above them. We put an enormous amount of effort into our process, from start to finish, and it begins with our expansive research and development.

Award Winning - Food Market Expertise - Our R&D Team

Award Winning

Our team at David Evans Foods is honored to have been awarded with numerous national and international awards from the finest within the food industry, and to be ranked amongst them is a great privilege. While our brand has been recognized for our supreme quality since 2003 with numerous other awards, within the past two years, David Evans Foods has been awarded the following:

Since its commencement in 1995, the World-Wide Mustard Competition has seen and tasted entries from all over the world. In 2018, David Evans Foods was awarded the gold medal for its Raspberry Honey Mustard. In 2017, the brand was recognized for its Blue Cheese Honey Mustard and Raspberry Honey Mustard with a bronze medal and silver medal respectively. And in 2016, David Evans Foods was given the silver medal for both its Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard Dip and its Raspberry Honey Mustard.

Since 1972, the Specialty Food Association has recognized and awarded culinary excellence and creative innovation to those within the specialty food industry. In 2016, David Evans Foods was named the Sofi Finalist Award Winner in Best New Product Category with its Raspberry Amaretto Preserves.

David Evans Foods has been  have been recognized with various other awards over the past fifteen years. Moving forward, we aim to not only meet, but also exceed the standards placed upon our brand through consistent growth and improvement.

Leading R&D - Flexible and Innovativev - Our R&D Team

Flexible & Innovative

At David Evans Foods, we are not confined to a predetermined ingredient list, but pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative capabilities to create thousands of different ingredient formulations. We seek to maintain a creative edge in all that we do, working alongside our customers to develop the most ideal, flavor-enriched recipes for their specifications. As a team, we constantly push ourselves to reach farther, embracing trend-forward thinking to not only produce but to also predict the best products for success.

SOFI Finalist - Food Success Story - Our R&D Team - David Evans Foods

Success Story

Raspberry Amaretto Preserve Named Best New Product at SOFI Awards

David Evans Foods was tasked with redeveloping the trend-flavor profile of award-winning Robert Rothschild Farms to celebrate the origins of the brand’s story and the single ingredient that started it all – the raspberry. David Evans Foods’ R&D team developed hundreds of unique flavor and category combinations that were tested within a national digital panel to accurately determine which flavor profiles were the most appealing and enticing to consumers. From this diligent research, the very first Raspberry Amaretto Preserve was created and submitted into the rigorous sensory paneling process. After measuring the quantitative results across numerous metrics, the product was appropriately tweaked and refined, and beat every benchmark in a blind tasting. The remarkably flavorful preserve was then entered into the 2016 SOFI Awards and was selected as one of ten Best New Products for the year out of over 5,000 entries.

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