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Robert Rothschild - David Evans Foods

Robert Rothschild

Bob and Sara Rothschild were inspired by one simple ingredient – raspberries. They uprooted their lives in sunny California and settled in Ohio’s Mad River Valley in the 1970s. Their dedication to harvesting fruit led to their expansions and success as Rothschild farm. Today, with nearly forty years of experience, Rothschild Farms has made an impressive mark on the specialty food industry with their exceptionally delicious fruit product offerings. From satisfyingly sweet preserves and fruit spreads to award-winning mustard combinations, Rothschild knows flavor well and continues to influence culinary innovation and creativity right in the kitchen of consumers.

Clearbrook Farms

Once a simple family farm in 1924, Clearbrook Farms began as a small business producing bakery fillings. However, it wasn’t long until the family discovered its ability to make deliciously fresh preserves. What began as an annual tradition of canning preserves around the holidays for family and friends has since expanded into a successful food manufacturing brand, catering to retailers around the world. Clearbrook Farms specializes in their production of fruit-based products made with authentic, flavorful ingredients for unbeatable taste and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, some of the brand’s very same original clients continue to invest in Clearbrook Farms today.

About David Evans Foods

With an incredible understanding of premium food manufacturing and over ninety years of experience in the industry, David Evans Foods provides specialty food products to enhance and enrich the lives of consumers through unbeatable flavor and taste. The brand originally began on the farm but eventually expanded to manufacturing high-quality food goods for customers around the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to perfecting our techniques, our formulations, and our production process to deliver the best product into the hands of our customers. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have the capability to create thousands of recipe options with countless ingredient combinations to put incredible flavor on the kitchen table.

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