Custom Ingredients

At David Evans Foods, we create customizable specialty food products with our high-quality ingredients. From sweet preserves to savory sauces and spreads, we are uncompromising in our commitment to putting the best possible product in the hands of our customers. Our expert team is capable of creating thousands of recipe options with countless ingredient combinations, all with the highest quality and consistency. That’s why more industrial partners seek us out to be their secret ingredient in consumer satisfaction.

Expertise and Commitment - Quality Ingredients

Expertise and Commitment

We highly value our consumers and consistently seek to make each product better through the expertise of our our trained team of scientists and culinary geniuses. As a result of our elaborate research and testing, and with a determined dedication to constant improvement and growth, we have developed an acute understanding of what it requires to manufacture premium food products. We have the capability of formulating thousands of different recipe options, and the rare capacity to produce bake stable products. With an abundance of knowledge and a precise implementation of pectin into our offerings, we exemplify commitment and determination in everything we do, from concept testing with our consumers to the final delivery onto the shelves of retailers and into the hands of customers.

Leading R&D - Quality Ingredients

Leading R&D

With innovative ingenuity and unwavering determination, David Evans Foods’ research and development team has pushed the boundaries of food manufacturing to adapt to forward-thinking trends. As a leader in the specialty food industry, we continue to evolve with the fast pace of changing trends and ideas to consistently put the best products onto the shelves of retailers and into the homes and kitchens of consumers. Comprised of four brilliants minds, our team forms news strategies based on succinct consumer research to understand the demands of the industry and the needs of the customer. In fact, David Evans Foods has the unique ability to panel consumers to retrieve the very best data and most adequate results. From bench sample to test batch to retail, our research and development team is an essential part of the David Evans Foods family.

Industries & Segments

Success Story - Quality Ingredients

Success Story

Best Selling Mixed Berry Pie Ice Cream

At David Evans Foods, our high-quality ingredients are authentically-sourced from the top farming regions throughout the globe for the delivery of premium food products straight into the hands of consumers. The quality of our products has not only resulted in our success as an independent brand, but has also proven successful for various partners, including one of the fastest-growing national ice cream brands. When approached by the company, we quickly created custom ice cream variegate formulations with unrivaled flavor profiles that met the customer’s strict requirements and expectations for a clean label and natural solution. Through a combination of unique, hard-to-source ingredients, we delivered a “mixed berry pie” flavored ice cream which rapidly grew to become the brand’s #1 seller.  

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