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Safe & Effective

At David Evans Foods, we are committed to ensuring that each product we deliver to market is produced with precision and consistency. We pride ourselves on our quality control and our ability to replicate the same delicious flavor in each and every jar, regardless of the quantity. In addition to our uniform production, we refuse to compromise on food safety, and through a dedicated quality team, we have validated our rigorous process through BRC Global Standards.

Food Quality and Safety - David Evans Foods - Private Label

Commitment & Dedication

Our devotion to an outstanding standard of food safety and quality control is unbeatable in a fast-paced, competitive industry. At David Evans Foods, our team is dedicated to delivering superior products made with the highest quality ingredients on earth. Through incredible attention to detail and an ingenious team of researchers and developers, we promise that each jar in every single batch is made with consistency and excellence.

Food Quality and Safety - David Evans Foods - Private Label

Facility Benefits

Our custom-designed, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer unique and advantageous capabilities for an exceptional production process. Located in Sharonville, Ohio, David Evans Foods creates a customized experience for a customized product. We’re proudly BRC Certified, and offer a variety of consumer benefits including custom development, scalable production, in-line metal detection, allergen testing, logistical options, capacity availability and a low minimum weight for customs. Additionally, we provide multiple lines including glass, PET, and flexible bulk packaging options.  

Food Safety Certifications

We are dedicated to maintaining a superior level of integrity throughout every area of our business. Our facility meets food safety requirements and regulations for the most ethical practices. At David Evans Foods, we ensure the standards placed upon us are not only met but are also sustained through up-to-date policies and procedures, and precise quality and product control.  

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