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High-Quality Ingredients - Consistent Quality - David Evans Foods

High-Quality Ingredients

Not only is our brand committed to sourcing authentic fruit for each of our products, but we are equally as committed to consistently sourcing ingredients high in quality. In order to do so, we have developed and continue to foster the unique relationships we have built with domestic and international farmers who are known for their exceptional harvest of Grade A fruit including cherries, raspberries, oranges, apricots, pineapples and several more. We are committed to upholding our transparent morale in each step of the production process. Thus, we select the very best fruit farmers so we can be confident that our products will reflect the same premiere quality as our ingredients.

Small Batch, From Scratch - Consistent Quality - David Evans Foods

Small Batch, From Scratch

We honor the sacred traditions of time spent in the kitchen and memories made around the celebration of food. Just as any recipe begins with a small batch in the comfort of one’s home, we also always begin with small batch, from scratch to translate that same value into the production of our products. We believe in and are proud of maintaining consistent, authentic flavor in each of our offerings on any production scale. Regardless of quantity, we consistently deliver the same excellent quality.

Sampling & Testing - Consistent Quality

Sampling & Testing

At David Evans Foods, we firmly believe the best products evolve and are made better through meticulous testing and thorough evaluation. Our proprietary paneling process allows our team to quantitatively test various flavor profiles in both a digital and sensory environments for continual improvement. Through routinely conducted blind sensory research, we are able to ensure our product launches beat best-in-class benchmarks within each products’ given category. We invest valuable time and resources in laborious and comprehensive testing for the enhancement of our products and guaranteed satisfaction of our customer.  

Our Trusted Suppliers - Consistent Quality

Our Trusted Suppliers

Our supply chain is a crucial part of our team at David Evans Foods. We have intentionally chosen and cultivated relationships with suppliers who exemplify the same level of quality and transparency and who reflect the same standards and values we hold as a company. From within the walls of our company to the fields of our suppliers, we are committed to executing ethical and responsible business practices in every aspect of our brand.

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