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Private Label - Invested Brand Stewards - David Evans Foods


Just as we are invested into our own brand, we are equally as invested into our partner brands. As brand stewards, we believe in encouraging our business partners for their success because their status is a direct reflection of who we are as a company. We want to walk alongside consumer brands to assist them in fulfilling their potential through the retail of our product formulations.

We truly understand what it’s like to create, grow and steward a brand from the start to the finish. With this knowledge, we apply the same level of detail to our business partners brand to ensure that each and every product can be trusted to have the same high quality and consistency in the last jar as the very first. From product concept to final product, we impart the same level of care over a partners brand as we do our own.

Private Label - Dependable Brand Stewards - David Evans Foods


At David Evans Foods, our consumers can undoubtedly depend on our services to meet their needs and fulfill their expectations. We strive for excellence in all that we do with the goal to see that our customers can evidence that standard in our practices, morale and business transactions. We care deeply about our customers and invest the time and resources into them for their benefit and satisfaction. With David Evans Foods, our customers never need to worry whether or not they will be valued.

Reliable Customer Service Team

From the sourcing of our ingredients to the final production of our products, our customers are always our primary motivator. It is our mission to enrich the lives of our consumers by bringing the absolute best, finest ingredient, high-quality foods to the kitchen table. We believe they are inherently deserving of a quality food product with unbeatable flavor, and we refuse to compromise for our brand’s benefit. To ensure that our customers are equipped with the service they need, we have a customer service team that is top of the line.

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