Preserves & Spreads Pie Tart Fillings
Bakery Fillings Condiments
Dessert Toppings Sauces & Marinades
Preserves & Spreads Pie Tart Fillings
Bakery Fillings Condiments
Dessert Toppings Sauces & Marinades

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With over ninety years of experience in the industry and a faithful commitment to our customers, we specialize in creating exceptional food products made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. David Evans Foods manufactures premium preserves & spreads, pie & tart fillings, condiments, bakery fillings, toppings and sauces & marinades to meet every customers’ needs. What began as a family farming business has since expanded into an award-winning, premium food manufacturer. We take great pride in the ability to give customers exactly what they are promised, as we maintain a remarkable level of quality, regardless of quantity, from small batch all the way to large-scale production.

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Farm to Table

In order to provide customers with premium products made with the finest ingredients, we go to the source. We faithfully uphold our unwavering, century-long relationships with various farmers around the world to put the most authentic food products on the kitchen table. From Michigan cherries to Costa Rican pineapples, we refuse to compromise when it comes to the value of our private label products and the satisfaction of our customers.


Pioneering Culinary Innovation

Our success can be evidenced by our award-winning research and development in the food industry. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail is unparalleled because we, at David Evans Foods, recognize the importance of culinary trends integrated with scientific accuracy to predict for the appeal and success of each of our products. Through a combined team of food scientists and trained chefs, we constantly engage in trend-forward thinking for ultimate growth and have mastered the delivery of high-quality ingredients for premium private label foods straight into the hands of our customers.  

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